Renting/Buying a second hand vacation property

  • Renting second hand

    Choosing the right yearly vacation is tough, with so many places to see and experience, settling for the first timeshare you come across may not be the best idea. If you don’t know what destination you want to buy into or what type of timeshare offering best fits your family’s needs renting is your best option. The rental process is a lot easier than expected and it’s really similar to booking a hotel online. To start simply let us know the dates you are looking for, followed by your preferred vacation destination, and finally the villa size needed to accommodate you.

    We will then provide you with a list of best matches for the criteria provided fully outlined with amenities and special resort add-ons. Now this is where it differs from booking a room, we will then draft a lease agreement in which you and the unit’s owner will agree to. Now can’t you do that with a timeshare resort directly? Yes, you absolutely can. Keep in mind that in most cases owners will be willing to rent the unit at usage cost for them. Many resorts charge what’s called a yearly usage fee, paid whether the owner makes use of the unit or not. So instead of coming out of pocket for the usage cost for an unused week, renting it to you is always a welcome option, saving you up-to 50 percent on the resorts traditional rental rates.

  • Buying second hand

    Timesharing has come a long way from its restrictive beginning. Nowadays most resorts will not bind you to a fixed week they won’t even bind you to a fixed location, allowing you to plan your vacation on your terms and when the time is right. Buying a vacation membership will start out like renting one. We will need you to provide us with the size availability you are looking for (keep in mind that most resorts will have a maximum size allowance but let you use smaller sizing when so much room is not necessary), we will then need to know where you plan on vacationing. Once confirmed we will then present you with multiple resort options tailored to the sizing and destination specs you requested, with estimated costs on applicable units.
    Once you find the right one we will draft a resale contract which you and the owner will agree to. We will then use a reputable closing company to secure your assets and aid in transferring property rights to your name. The closing company will also be responsible for sending an estoppel form to the prospective resort once the resort confirms that there are no discrepancies with the property in question and all terms in resale agreement are fulfilled you will then get the property rights and confirmation of new ownership from your new resort in most cases. Now can’t I buy a timeshare directly from the resort? Yes, you absolutely can. Buying second hand will not only give you an immediate savings it will also keep you from attending a dreadful "90 minute" presentation, since the transaction is handled from the comfort of your own home. This process takes anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

    If you are thinking of buying or renting a second hand vacation property call now, our licensed real estate professionals will gladly answer any of your questions.

Renting/Selling your vacation property

Renting your vacation property

Were you falsely promised automatic rentals if you did not use your weeks during a given year? Claims like these have drastically scarred and altered the rental market. The good news is that the resale market does exist, and that there are people eager to rent your unused weeks. The bad news is that in most cases the resort will not provide assistance with rentals as they are more prone to rent their own inventory instead of yours. This is where PA Luxury Properties comes in, though our comprehensive marketing plan we will get your property rented at the rate you are looking for. We start out by properly advertising your property. Once we get an interested tenant we will draft a lease agreement, freeing you of any claims experienced during your tenants stay.

Once the paperwork is done and the tenant’s rental money has been secured in escrow, you will then reserve the rented weeks. Yes it’s really that simple. You will then be able to put that money toward something you really want, freeing you from your yearly usage fee.

Selling your vacation property

Now the false claim scourging the resale market is that the resort will either buy back or sell your property. Some rare cases did yeild the client a successful buy-back or resale from the resort, but it’s really difficult and almost impossible to achieve. Another item devastating the resale market is the resale scams. These scams have swindled people for hundreds to thousands of dollars never to be found. The scammers all have one thing in common, up-front fees for their services… this is where we come into play. We don’t get paid to just advertise your property, we get paid to sell it, and until that’s done you don’t owe PA Luxury Properties a thing. Now the resale process is very simple and can take from 3 – 4 weeks, depending on your resorts contract. We start out by marketing your property at its fullest potential, not missing any of your added bonuses or special benefits. Once we have a prospect we will draft a resale agreement for you and your buyer. Upon having recieved the signed documents, we will secure your buyer’s purchase funds in escrow with one of our reputable licensed and bonded closing companies. The closing company will then need to confirm that your property is free from any claim from your resort, report it to the buyer, and begin transferring rights.

If you’re thinking of renting or selling your vacation property, call now! Our licensed brokers will be happily available to answer any of your questions.