PA Luxury Properties urges you call one of our seasoned timeshare specialists to resolve any of your related needs. Below are the most commonly asked questions. Whether you’re looking for a good fit or a way out, these topics can and will be very useful for your timeshare related endeavor.

In most cases no. Some owners have experienced the resort buying back or freeing from the contract but it is very difficult and nearly impossible. In most cases your best bet is rental to avoid unused weeks costing you an annual usage fee, or you can opt to properly sell it. In both cases it’s highly recommended to use a broker. At a nominal fee you will be secure and won’t have to worry about transactional duties, you simply have to make the big decisions.
Your expectations need to be maintained at a neutral level when getting current pricing for your unit. From the get go your units pricing may be off as resorts will tend to inflate the price of the timeshare or drastically drop it to hook you on a demanding upgrade program. Second items like the season, location, and unit size drastically impact the unit. Any local uproar or disasters can also be an influencing factor.
At surface level… yes. The benefits you are losing are normally non-used perks added to fluff the timeshare presentation and get the original owner to buy. We will provide you with a specific benefits lost list, to confirm all the benefits you will continue enjoying.
With discouragement surrounding all factors in the timeshare industry, this question is on everyone’s mind. The good news is that it’s not all that difficult to sift out the phonies. You need to work with a licensed professional, brokers adhere to a standard of ethics and professionalism required by their licensing authorities. Keep in mind that proper contract usage is always a must when transacting a vacational property.
A broker will normally do all the work from start to finish (market, draft paperwork, close deal) and will charge a commission due at closing. A timeshare ad site will do that, advertise. They will always charge you upfront to start work and if they find a prospect for you, you will then need to hire a broker.
In most transactions the buyer will cover closing costs and the seller the brokers’ commission.
You take the boss role when working with us. When you hire our services your task will be to make the big decisions as to how you want your transaction executed from the research we provide.
The best strategy to selling a timeshare is through a licensed broker. Licensed brokers will take your transaction on from start to finish and will normally have a properly functioning office with a variety of brokers for when the going gets rough. Finding a broker who fits your needs can be challenging, don’t hesitate to contact us for answers to any of your questions.