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Our commitment is strong in getting your family the vacation you deserve, we service your highest demands at brand name resorts like Hilton, Four Seasons, Disney, Hyatt, Palace Resorts, Mayan, Spinnaker, The Villa Group, and Ocho Rios.

  • Our seasoned licensed real estate professionals overflow with experience in the vacation property field. We are budget conscious and goal oriented, you can count on us to purchase or sell your vacation property. The timeshare market is hard to read, buying or selling your vacation property can be a headache, our approach is simple… PA Luxury Properties’ experienced associates will use years of market research with current and upcoming resort advances to get you a realistic estimate on what your current or future vacation property is worth.
  • PA Luxury Properties is here to help! Reach out to us now for help in buying or selling your vacation property at no upfront cost! Our way of working is transparent… Maximize your budget with honest, trustworthy service.
    * Complete service
    * Licensed real estate brokers
    * 35 years combined experience
    * Exemplary customer service
    * Specialized in top brand resorts

We provide the best consulting services.

Successfully selling your vacation property and AVOIDING SCAMS:

Buying/selling your vacation membership can be comparable to buying/selling a home, in the sense that you can choose to venture into unknown waters or you can solicit a licensed real estate professional’s expertise to get the job done! Choosing a broker will not just give you the edge in completing your vacation property goals, you will be putting dedication, experience, and convenience on your side of the table. They adhere to a standard of ethics and professionalism required by their licensing authorities.
Expertly applying pricing from knowledge based on comparable sales comes with the package, you can also expect the use of appropriate contracts and a helping hand every inch of the way. Our mission is the successful completion of your transaction.

Why use PA Luxury Properties ?:

Start out by clearly mapping out your goals. If you plan on doing more than simply advertizing your property, we are here to help. For safety and efficiency the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) endorses the use of licensed real estate brokers.

Brokers are licensed and regulated; they can be easily verified by state boards and other real estate services. Along with a complete marketing plan PA Luxury Properties will also provide full service on price negotiation, contracts, funnel buyers/sellers, and provide premier closing services. We keep your best interest at heart and understand the value of finding a reputable company to handle your vacation property goals. PA Luxury Properties will not charge any upfront fees for our services, we rely on our commission paid at closing.